1. Account Set Up
    The set up of a professional social media presence
  2. Audits and Monitoring
    Frequent audits and monitoring using advanced analytic software
  3. Basic Management
    Posts, commenting, following, and other basic social media actions
  4. Makeover
    If you already have social media you can obtain a professional makeover. After all, first impressions are everything.
  5. Strategy
    A strategy will be needed to reach your goals, so let's build one.
  6. Advertising
    Advertising is available on the websites Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Your business will also reach more people through landing pages and funnels.
  7. Content Creation
    Frequent pictures, videos, and comments will be uploaded to any of the social media apps you have.
  8. Price
    Remember, you only pay when you are satisfied. If you are not happy, or your social media is not bringing new customers to your door, simply walk away from my services.
  9. Website Builder
    Want a website that is appealing and professional? We can build one of those too.